FASTA – an introduction

Delivering nowcasting information on Storm Activity to countries in Africa

We have a vision to bring real-time nowcasting to every country in Africa within the next 5–10 years.

Through the application of innovative meteorological research to harness satellite data, FASTA is developing solutions to deliver nowcasts of high-impact storms for Africa. FASTA aims to provide the capabilities needed for African national weather services to enhance their delivery of weather forecasts and ensure access to high-quality weather information for African populations. Ultimately, better preparedness and informed decision-making using nowcasting information will save lives and livelihoods.

Learn more about FASTA in the short video below. While the video focuses on the potential benefits of nowcasting specifically for smallholder farmers, we also anticipate large impacts for other sectors across Africa, including transport, marine, energy, and disaster risk management.

Taking cutting-edge research from the GCRF African SWIFT project and transforming it into practical solutions to short-term weather forecasting needs in Africa, FASTA gives users nowcasting information on current storms, their previous track, and projected motion 1 hour into the future

Latest News

The FASTA weather Nowcasting App is now live for Kenya

Today’s launch is in partnership with the Kenya Meteorological Department, offering real-time maps of thunderstorms to people with smartphones across the country.  

The app can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  

An ethical weather service for Africa

Can the financial benefits of international research stay in the countries that need it most?

How do you turn UK-funded scientific research into a commercial product for use in Africa, while ensuring the profits benefit that continent and not the UK?

Scorched tea in Mulanje (October 2019). Africa’s cocoa and tea industries could benefit from now-casting insights whilst helping to support the economy. Credit: WeatherChasers.