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The Challenge

Across tropical Africa, intense rainstorms can be disruptive and damaging.
An unanticipated storm can ruin a crop left out to dry in the sun, put the lives of fishers at risk and obstruct critical transport infrastructure.

Intense rainfall events are becoming more frequent in Africa due to climate change, resulting in increased risks and potentially devastating impacts for African people.  Yet half of Africans do not currently have access to accurate weather warnings.

Our Solution

The FASTA mobile app and Application Programming Interface provide instant access to current and approaching storm activity across Kenya. This crucial information can help to protect lives and livelihoods.
FASTA uses nowcasting – a revolutionary short-term weather forecasting system – which draws on satellite observations. This delivers far more accurate information about approaching heavy rainfall and storm activity than traditional forecasts currently available in Africa. 



Support FASTA

FASTA is looking for long-term partnerships and development opportunities.
Help us to bring short-term storm forecasts to Africa, where hundreds of millions of people and many sectors of the economy can benefit from them.

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